We offer several levels of key control and levels of lock security.

Many people think that simply having their keys STAMPED with “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy” is good key control, It is not.

A majority of business and facilities are on a common commercial Keyway commonly available at hardware stores. Most locksmiths will refuse to make a copy of a key stamped this way when one is presented over the counter, We at Key West Lock & Safe certainly will not.

Typically We require a letter of authorization on company letterhead to do so. However with the many hardware stores and specialty key boutiques around duplicating keys that will not notice or even care, very few of those we explain the need for a letter of authorization return to us to have the key duplicated. Some have returned at a later date concerning something else and tell us they had it done up the street.

What is Key Control and why you may want it?

TRUE Key Control is having a key type that can only be gotten from one or very few sources. We call this type of Key a Restricted Keyway. These can range from locksmith only keyways that any locksmith can get to the reserved keyways that only the one Locksmith company it has been assigned to will be able to get. Both standard and high security locks are available in these two types of Keyway systems.

Many times as employees come and go it is often desired or required to change the locks so that the key that had been in the procession of the former employee will no longer work. Even if this former employee returns the key, can you say without a doubt he didn’t have copies made?

With your business equipped with locks on a commercial restricted keyway (locksmith only) the odds of a duplicate key grow slim. If your locks are on a reserved keyway the odds are zero. How this works is that your keys are registered with the locksmith to a person or persons that will be the only ones authorized to have keys made. Each time a key is made a signature card on file will be matched to the persons Identification for verification and a log of how many keys were made will be tracked. And if the key is presented for duplication by someone unauthorized to do so, the owner will be notified. So When the former employee returns the key, You KNOW the level of security of your property remains intact, Thus the expense of having your locks re-Keyed is avoided.